About Joyce Hardman

Joyce Hardman (formerly Joyce Lagasse) is one of Ottawa's most experienced life coaches, having been in full-time practice since 1998.

Joyce Hardman

She has a Masters' degree in education, and has completed her training and certification with Success Unlimited Network®, one of the earliest, well-established coaching schools in North America. She has taken further training with Integral Coaching Canada.

From her years of being a workshop leader and holistic counselor, she brings wisdom and facilitation skills that include deep listening and the ability to understand and articulate the stages and challenges of human transformation.

As a result of being coached in 1996, Joyce strengthened her own capacity to make many life changes. She was able to sink deep roots in Ottawa - establishing her own business, buying a home, becoming involved in a church community, and meeting and marrying her beloved life companion.

She has a wide range of life experiences from which she has learned the importance of compassion. A yoga teacher for over 30 years, Joyce currently leads "Yoga for Wise Bodies," a class for students aged 50+. She has grown in openness and acceptance through her commitment to spiritual practice. And she has come to value tender forgiveness and humour through the adventures and mishaps of passionate experiments and embarrassing choices.. She now draws upon this rich and varied background to help others create a more grounded, balanced, and abundant life for themselves.

The proud mother of one daughter, Lindsey, Joyce is enjoying being part of the new family she has inherited in her recent marriage. She volunteers both as a meditation group leader, and a youth leader in her church. She works with her coaching clients in the relaxed comfort of her home office, in the Westboro neighbourhood in Ottawa.

Coaching for Life with Joyce Hardman