The Clients' Experience

Your Coaching for Life sessions are carried out in a private, home-like setting* - with a pot of tea nearby.

Joyce with Client

The mentorship begins with creating a contract of commitment to coaching goals--identifying and writing down the changes you wish to achieve in the next six months. Hour-long sessions will then occur every two weeks. Assume there will be at least 12 sessions. This enables you to face - and overcome - your avoidance patterns when they kick in. At the end of 6 months, you will evaluate your progress, and re-commit as necessary. On average, coaching continues for 20 sessions, or 10 months.

Being coached means creating your life side by side with a professional who will listen, guide, train, and encourage you on the path towards greater self-fulfillment. You will take part in dialogues that will help clarify your mission and goals in life. You will carry out deliberate self-observations to learn about your limiting habits. You will be given homework -- specific practices that will strengthen your capacity to live consciously and joyfully, and action steps to move toward your goals. Systematic review of your progress with the homework provides insight into realistic goal-setting. You will also learn how to create extra support where you are blocking your progress.

* If necessary, coaching sessions can be done by telephone.

Coaching for Life clients have succeeded in:

What clients say about being coached by Joyce Hardman:

Joyce is a guiding light-precise and illuminating. With warmth and compassion, she helps you define the issues and have the confidence to get to the places you need to go. You do the work, but she urges you forward by reminding you of your strengths and proposing clear options (for) how you can make the necessary changes to realize a purposeful life. She becomes a trusted ally in your journey and you know that she is there for you whenever you may need to sort yourself out and get back to being the best you can be!
-- Sandra Sorensen, Ottawa

Each time we have worked together, I cheer up. I feel positive, "joy-full", energized with love, appreciation and creativity. Joyce provides tools and sets us free. Her optimism is wonderful and contagious.
-- Louise Lalande, Ottawa

Joyce has supported me through every step of my career transition. Her wisdom , insight and gentle coaxing have assisted me in developing clarity of vision and purpose, and have given me the encouragement, the tools and direction to bring this vision to life.
-- Elke Keating, Ottawa

Results I have achieved since starting this program are a regular and committed exercise schedule; a work schedule that gives me personal time while still meeting my financial needs; service-oriented social activities; my committed goals are scheduled for the next 12 months.
-- Susanne Reid, Ottawa

Joyce and the program helped me to figure out what I needed to do, with lots of concrete ways to achieve (these goals). Joyce's intuition is very powerful. She was able to clue in almost immediately to where I was at and to what my tough issues were.
-- Tamara Levine, Ottawa

Since starting the program, I successfully changed jobs on the path to my ideal career, moved into my own apartment, brought more happiness and satisfaction into my life. I very much enjoyed the process and would highly recommend it to others.
-- Stephanie Dean, Ottawa

Coaching for Life with Joyce Hardman